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The term “euthanasia” literally means “good death.”  Reno Pet Euthanasia provides this service compassionately in the comfort of your home as we know that losing a pet is losing a beloved member of your family.

In-home euthanasia is just as safe and painless for your pet as visiting your veterinarian’s office, and it keeps your pet where they feel most secure and comfortable.

Dr. Michael will come to your home, guide your family through the process and carefully transport your precious pet as requested.


  • Addressing any concerns or questions you may have related to the euthanasia procedure.
  • The euthanasia process.
  • Assistance with aftercare services as needed. Care for your pet’s remains is a very personal decision and the choice is yours alone to make.
  • Transportation for cremation, if requested.
  • Notification to your family veterinarian so they can update their records accordingly.


A private pet cremation is the placement of a solitary pet within the crematory chamber and your pet’s cremated remains are returned to you.   Full or partial viewings of the private cremation are an option for pet owners with this service.

Private pet cremation services include your choice of urn.


With the communal cremation service, each pet is carefully placed in the cremation chamber with other pets.  No cremated remains are returned to the pet owner.  Our trusted staff will respectfully scatter the cremated remains on a private property in Northern California.

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