Why choose in-home pet euthanasia?

No one wants to spend their final moments in a hospital and your beloved pet does not want to either.

The benefits of in-home euthanasia are:

  • Can be performed in the presence of family, close friends and other pets.
  • Allows your pet to be comfortable at home and with no upsetting car ride or Vet visit.
  • Grieving can be done in private in your own home.
  • A calming and dignified atmosphere of your choice can be created.
  • The location can be very personalized – indoors or outdoors.
  • Privacy on your terms.

How will I know it's the right time?

You know your pet better than anyone and will be able to detect changes that indicate the time is right.

These changes include:

  • No interest in food or water
  • Not engaging in the things they love
  • Incontinence
  • Difficulty walking or maintaining balance
  • Attitude changes (not recognizing you or other pets in house, depression, and confusion)

How far in advance do I need to make an appointment?

I do my best to accommodate short notice appointments, but ideally 24-48 hours notice is ideal.
What to expect with a peaceful passing?

Your pet will be sedated and access to a vein will be established. An IV injection of euthanasia solution is given and causes a peaceful death very rapidly (seconds). Once your pet has passed, there can be some involuntary movement and loss of bladder and bowel contents which can be uncomfortable to watch but you can rest assured the animal is not aware of anything.
How long does the euthanasia process take?

From beginning to end the sedation and euthanasia process varies between 30 min to an hour. I encourage you to take as much time with your pet as you wish prior to my arrival. After the euthanasia you may want to spend time with your pet. If you choose a cremation option I can take the pet with me so those arrangements can be made.
Am I able to stay with my pet during the euthanasia procedure?

Absolutely yes and I encourage that if you wish to be there.
Are there preparations or set-up requirements needed before an in-home euthanasia?

This depends on you as the owner. You may want to have a peaceful or quiet spot identified for the procedure.
How does the euthanasia drug work?

It is an overdose of anesthetic and your pet will feel nothing because its shuts down brain activity.