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“It’s never easy to say goodbye to your furry loved ones. We highly recommend Dr. Mike Laffins to come into your home and help you say goodbye to them. We wouldn’t want to do it any other way. It was so peaceful for our dog to be at home in his own surroundings and loved ones. It’s hard enough emotionally without stressing out your pet. Dr. Mike truly has a gift and he is so gentle and caring knows just what to do. It was so hard for us but Mike made it so much better.”

Sandee Freeland – Reno, NV

“On a Sunday when I could not get anyone to come to my house when my mastiff was at the end of her life I called Dr. Michael to see if he could recommend anyone. To my surprise, he told me he was available to help me. And help he did! Over the phone he told me exactly what to do and was at my house within 30 minutes. Dr. Michael was quick, knowledgable and sympathetic in doing his job. Rocsie was never in stress before she was put out of her misery. It happened with such care and expediency that I was hardly aware of the time involved. I am very satisfied with Dr. Michael’s dedication and would recommend his services to any and all.”

Maggie Means – Reno, NV

“Today? Tomorrow? Never, if we only could. These were the decisions my husband and I faced on behalf of our “golden girl”. Her quality of life had waned and it was time to make the ultimate decision on her behalf to let her go. As to where, the choice was much easier. Home. Comfort, security, privacy and surrounded by ones she loved. Thanks to Dr. Mike Laffins who provided the service with compassion, empathy and professionalism. He explained thoroughly the process and was patient and kind. We highly recommend Dr. Mike to anyone considering euthanizing their beloved pet and will use him again when the time comes for our new “doodle bug”. Thank you Mike for your service.”

Adam and Kimberly Boroski – Reno, NV

“Dr. Michael – I am so grateful and appreciative of you and your services to help my sweet Cota pass over the rainbow bridge. She has been my steady companion and best friend for 12+ years. It meant the world to me that I could keep her where she was comfortable, surrounded by her loving family. Yours is a very difficult job and I truly appreciate you! Grazie mille!!”

Pet Owner – Reno, NV